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Tokenization of Real Estate

Dubai is a great place for real estate investors, but it can be difficult for foreigners to purchase property seamlessly.
With tokenization, you can own a fraction of the value of a Dubai property without having to pay the full price. This means that you could own a small piece of many different properties in Dubai and invest in them as an asset class.
The tokenization of real estate is an exciting new development in the industry. We’re going to be exploring what it is, how it works and what benefits it can bring to both investors and property owners.

Tokenization of Real Estate

The Problem

The real estate market is inefficient, with high barriers to entry and exit. The process of buying or selling a property is slow and bureaucratic, with many steps involved before you can get the keys. And even when you sell your home, you have to wait months for proceeds from the sale to come in.

The Solution

Tokenization can solve many problems in the real estate world:

  • Tokenization allows for fractional ownership that was not previously possible with traditional methods of ownership transfer. With fractional ownership, people who otherwise would not be able to afford a full stake in an asset will have access to it through small investments or loans secured by their tokenized assets.
  • It can create liquidity in real estate by making it easier for investors to trade their tokens, as well as for homeowners to sell their property. It will also help solve the problem of illiquidity, which occurs when assets are difficult or impossible to sell quickly; tokenization makes it easy for investors who want to sell their asset and others who want to buy it.
  • Tokenization solves fraud by allowing buyers and sellers to verify each other’s identities before making a transaction.
  • Finally, tokenization eliminates information asymmetry by allowing all parties involved in an investment (buyers and sellers) access to accurate information about their investments so they can make better decisions about what they’re buying into.


We believe that tokenization of real estate can help solve many problems in the real estate world. It offers a way to alleviate some of the issues around liquidity and ownership, while also providing buyers with new ways to access properties and owners with new ways to sell them. We’re excited about what this technology might mean for investors in general—and especially those who are looking for more transparent investments in something they know well: their own homes!
If you are a Dubai-based developer looking to explore ways to leverage blockchain technology to scale your operations, get in touch with us for a free consultation, let’s talk idea!

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