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Blockchain Consulting and Development

Blockchain development can seem daunting and quite complex to first-time adopters. Either with a new idea or application in existing businesses, customers often struggle to understand the technologies and use cases most suited to their project or organization. With this in mind, our first task is to demystify the technology and help customers understand how best available blockchain technologies can be used to achieve their business goals.

With a team that is constantly working on blockchain projects either for clients or for our own in-house projects, we have overcome the steep learning curve in the space and acquired expertise in the leading technologies on the blockchain.  With proficiency in solidity, Geth, Remix, Truffle, Blockchain Testnet, etc. we will take your idea from concept to a seamless and robust product on the blockchain on time and on budget.

Our 360  degrees design approach ensures we build with the value proposition and business objective in mind to ensure the project is launched with the right support in place to facilitate adoption, traction and provision of 24/7 technical support to enrich user experience.

We build with the end-user in mind at every stage of development. This approach will help you develop an organic following to drive early adoption,  grow a loyal fanbase and organically gain traction.

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Decentralized Application: DeFI, GameFi, DAPP:

The Blockchain has ushered in an era of decentralized applications with ample opportunities for value creation, monetization, collaboration and development. Whether your project is in the DeFi, GameFi of dApp space, we provide a complete solution from selecting the right blockchain infrastructure to development, launch and community management for your project.

DAO  & Smart Contract Development

Decentralized autonomous organizations are member-owned communities without centralized leadership. Use case vary from contributing resources for specific projects to working with like-minded individuals to establish and run businesses using an internet-native protocol that is trustless, transparent and secure. Some examples include; setting up charities, influencer networks for collaboration, venture funds for investing in specific industries or projects. Access is mostly through purchase of governance tokens which give holders access to the community and voting rights for decision making in the community.

DAO’s are run on smart contracts, which are a safe form of legal automation that defines the rules of the organization and holds the treasury. Once live, smart contracts cannot be modified even by its owners. We design this automation and integrate them with your current OS or software applications for seamless deployment of your project.

If you are looking to build a democratized community of like-minded people, AllChain offers a comprehensive solution from ideation to concept design and development to bring your DAO to live with ongoing technical support for smooth running of the organization.


Tokenization is the process of issuing a blockchain token that digitally represents a real asset. The most popular use case in recent times are non-fungible tokens (NFT’s) which are provably unique digital assets on the blockchain. These include things like digital art, music, sports card, videos. Etc. Use cases for tokenization are well established across several industries like Real Estate, Art, Fashion, and entertainment to name a few. In addition to the underlying asset value and utility, tokens have become a unique tool for brand activation and engagement.

Tokenization yields benefits of increased liquidity, automated governance and fractional ownership of assets that would have been cost-prohibitive to own in whole, to name a few.

Whether you are a company, brand, an influencer, we can help you create a unique token and unleash growth potential for your business.

The Idea

Here we establish the asset to be tokenized and review jurisdiction and any regulatory compliance that might apply.

The Technology

Following research, we choose the blockchain protocol to build on and set up token configurations and eKYC relevant to the project.

Creation and Distribution

Adoption and traction is always at the core of all our development. We help you create a community development and engagement plan and integrate channels for your target audience to easily access and purchase the tokens.

Community Development:

At the heart of every successful project launch in the Web 3.0 space is a carefully curated community. To ensure the projects we build succeed we integrate community development and engagement plan from the start. With twitter and Discord servers being some of the most active channels for Web 3.0 projects, we set up channels on these platforms even while the project is still in development to help build an organic following for the project and to establish a minimum threshold of a community base to provide the required boost that will drive the project to rapid adoption once launched. We handle all the technical aspects for discord server configuration and assign a community manager to run the channels to ensure that engagement is maintained, information is disseminated seamlessly and moderation is adequate in the community.

Specific areas of community building where we provide support include;

Content Strategy Development

Content Distribution

Influencer community engagement

Ads campaigns creation, audience targeting and optimization.

Full Social Media Support: Telegram, Twitter, Discords. etc


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