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Use Cases


If you are in the fashion industry and are looking to create a unique immersive experience for your customers while uncovering new ways to monetize and extend your brand reach, we provide a complete solution for co-creation and integration of blockchain technologies into your brand. Whether you are looking to create digital tokens for your iconic brands or integrate blockchain in your supply chain to optimize distribution to scale, our dedication to aesthetic, design thinking and expertise in blockchain technologies, will help you bring your vision to live.

Real Estate & Hospitality

Whether it is accepting payments in crypto currency for real estate assets or fractional ownership through tokenization of real estate assets or brand activation through brand tokens issued by hospitality brand, blockchain has found dominant use cases in the real estate and hospitality sector.Uncover growth opportunities for your real estate and hospitality business today by creating unique and curated experiences for your customers through the power of blockchain technologies.

Retails & eCommerce

The retail and eCommerce space is more cluttered than ever before. Distinguish your brand from the crowd by leveraging blockchain technologies to access more markets and create unique ownership opportunities for your customers. With crypto payments options and tokenization of merchandize, you can increase your market share and enhance customer retention through unique tokens that incentivize loyal customers of your business.


Blockchain technologies offer a lot of opportunities for improving efficiency, enhancing learning and reducing costs in the education sector. From storing and retrieving academic records and credentials to enhancing learning through learn-to-earn schemes, we can review your processes and recommend use cases that will help your institution operate more efficiently and create values for all stakeholders in the education ecosystem.


The entertainment industry has been a huge benefactor of blockchain technologies. From IP protection to payment solutions and collaboration augmentation, blockchain has helped unleash substantial value in the sector through connectivity and collaboration opportunities offered across different blockchain platforms.


From augmentation of diagnostics, mitigation of drug counterfeiting, to optimization of medical records management, blockchain technologies offer immense value in the healthcare sector. We provide a comprehensive consulting solution to identify solutions for unique problems in the sector which can be solved with blockchain and we provide a structured approach for the implementation of adopted technologies with ongoing support for training and knowledge transfer to local teams.

Public Sector

With the big data processing requirements associated with public sector services, blockchain technologies offer substantial opportunities to enhance efficiency, security, data flow and authentication between different government agencies. From smart city planning design and implementation to information integrity architecture designs to operational agility and risk mitigation, we can unleash the power of blockchain to build and deploy leaner, more efficient and secure infrastructure to support public sector operations.

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